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Beach Horse Races

beach horse races

Port Douglas Beach Horse Races Another “first” for Katrina Kruse- organiser of the hugely successful International Yabusame Competition held earlier this year as part of the Carnivale celebrations- Katrina has arranged another spectacular event for the area- The Port Douglas Beach Horse Races. Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas is famous for its picture perfect […]

Port Douglas Food

Port Douglas Food

Port Douglas Food- Tropical Deliciousness You maybe wondering what a section on Port Douglas food is doing on a reef charters and tour website…I will let you into a little secret. Prior to managing reef charter boats and hotel tour desks… I was once a chef.  Plus I LOVE Port Douglas food. Also I guess when […]

Boat Hire in Port Douglas

boat hire

Boat Hire from Port Douglas At Port Douglas Reef Charters we often get customers inquiring about boat hire options from Port Douglas on the Great Barrier Reef. A lot of people assume that Port Douglas is like the Whitsundays where you can skipper your own boat if you hire one. In Port Douglas the only […]

Port Douglas Tour Tips

Port Douglas Tour Tips

Port Douglas Tour Tips from Port Douglas Reef Charters There are a number of places close by to Port Douglas that you can explore. It is very hard to get independent tour information in Port Douglas. The Port Douglas Information Center for example, is owned by a reef boat company. Guess which boats THEY will […]

Port Douglas Helicopter Options

Great Barrier Reef helicopter tour

For a long time there were a couple of helicopter companies offering tours from Port Douglas but sadly one of these companies is no longer operating. There is only one company now that offers helicopter tours from Port Douglas. As there is only one company now offering helicopter tours from Port Douglas, Port Douglas Reef […]