Great Barrier Reef Helicopter Sand Cay Tour

Our magical helicopter sand cay tour would have to be the most popular helicopter product available from Port Douglas. The helicopter sand cay tour commences with a complimentary pick up from your accommodation in Port Douglas. After a safety briefing at the helicopter base you are then flown over the coastline to the Great Barrier Reef to an isolated and private sand cay.

Romance Plus!

The helicopter sand cay tour includes a gourmet picnic lunch to be enjoyed, including premium Australian alcoholic beverages, whilst on the sand cay itself.
The helicopter sand cay tour also includes snorkeling equipment and lycra suits.
You can snorkel off the pure sands of the cay with many colorful tropical fish and corals to be seen.

The helicopter sand cay tour is a very popular tour with guests wanting a totally unique and romantic way to propose to a significant other.

In fact Port Douglas Reef Charters has assisted many hopeful people arrange the proposal of their dreams… with not ONE answer of “no” in our 10 years of operation.

Private and Secluded

The crystal clear turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef surround the pure white sands of the isolated cay on our helicopter sand cay tour. The helicopter sand cay tour has a huge romance wow factor. It is a beautiful spot on the Great Barrier Reef, and there is something very special about being the only people there on the day.

Total flying time both ways on the helicopter sand cay tour is approximately 30 minutes each way though it does depend which sand cay is used as to how much flying time you get in the helicopter. The total snorkelling time allowed on the helicopter sand cay tour is 2 .5 hours.

All helicopter sand cay tours are tide and weather dependent and at certain times of the year are not always available owing to bird migrations. If you would like more information on our very popular helicopter sand cay tour from Port Douglas please don’t hesitate to contact us at Port Douglas Reef Charters.