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Luxury Marlin Mothership

luxury marlin mothership

Luxury Marlin Mothership Fishing Package Port Douglas Reef Charters has an exciting opportunity for an amazingly well priced luxury marlin mothership fishing package. Representing a saving of over 20% on the usual price of our luxury fishing tour, at only $7500 per day you can take 6 fishermen in your group for a minimum of 4 […]

Black Marlin Fishing Charter

black marlin fishing charter

Ultimate  Black Marlin Fishing Charter Port Douglas Reef Charters has a great Marlin fishing charter happening from 11th October to 15th October this year. Owing to a last minute cancellation our prime Marlin fishing charter boat has a vacancy. The captain and crew of our ultimate Marlin fishing charter are otherwise booked out until December. This ultimate […]

Whales in Port Douglas


Whales in winter You know it is winter in Port Douglas when the whales arrive. Of course our “winter” is very mild with daytime temperatures rarely getting below 23 degrees Celsius. The two major groups of whales that visit Port Douglas are Humpback Whales and Dwarf Minke whales. Dwarf Minkes arrive in Port Douglas usually in […]

Boat Hire in Port Douglas

boat hire

Boat Hire from Port Douglas At Port Douglas Reef Charters we often get customers inquiring about boat hire options from Port Douglas on the Great Barrier Reef. A lot of people assume that Port Douglas is like the Whitsundays where you can skipper your own boat if you hire one. In Port Douglas the only […]

Fin Fish Closures

Port Douglas Fin Fish Closures

What are Coral Reef Fin Fish Closures? Coral Reef Fin fish closures occur twice a year on the Great Barrier Reef and the  closure dates coincide with the new moon when key coral reef fin fish species aggregate to spawn.The closures are in place in order to protect certain fish species during times when their […]