Tropical Fruit

tropical fruit

Tropical Fruit in Port Douglas

The bounty of tropical fruit available in Port Douglas is hugely varied and really depends on the time of year as to what is available. Our climate allows us to grow tropical fruit varieties from all over the world. Lots of fruit is grown locally- some of these include sapote, mango, abiu, soursop, carambola, longan, lychee, coconut, passionfruit, pineapple, star fruit, durian, bananas, breadfruit, mangosteen, rollinia, miracle fruit, ice cream bean, dragon fruit and limes.

If you want to try some tropical fruit there are a few good places to do so. The Mossman Farmers Market is held every Saturday near the old church under the raintrees. Lots of local people bring whatever tropical fruit are in season to sell at the market, and most of the growers will offer you samples to taste. The Mossman Market is a great place to also purchase fresh and locally grown vegetables as well. If you are staying in self contained accommodation the Mossman Market is the best place to stock your larder for your holiday.

In Port Douglas you can taste and buy local fruit at the Port Douglas Cotters Market which is held every saturday at the Anzac Park. You can buy fresh coconuts all year round at the market in Port Douglas. The best coconuts are the green ones with lots of coconut water in them. Plus the white flesh is soft and delicious to eat- like a mildly flavoured coconut marshmallow!

Another great place to buy local fruit is from Scommazzon’s Tropical Fruit Farm. Scommazzon’s is a few kilometres north of Mossman, on the left just after the turnoff to Newell Beach. Open seven days a week, Scommazzon’s also has a wide range of fruit to taste and buy as well as locally sourced vegetables.