Boat Hire in Port Douglas

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Boat Hire from Port Douglas

At Port Douglas Reef Charters we often get customers inquiring about boat hire options from Port Douglas on the Great Barrier Reef.

A lot of people assume that Port Douglas is like the Whitsundays where you can skipper your own boat if you hire one. In Port Douglas the only boat where you can skipper your own vessel is to hire the pontoon boats or dinghies that cruise the Inlet. You can do some fishing from these boats, or do a short scenic cruise. You cannot take these small boats to the Great Barrier Reef or the Low Isles.

The boat hire in the estuary does not not allow snorkeling as estuarine crocodiles inhabit the Dickson Inlet.

All the boat hire arranged by Port Douglas Reef Charters includes crew. There is no bare boat hire on offer from Port Douglas where you crew the boat yourself. Other than the estuary pontoon boats and dinghies of course.
The boat hire that Port Douglas Reef Charters can arrange will take you out to the Great Barrier Reef or the Low Isles. The destination depends on the activities your boat includes.
There are lots of options available from Port Douglas and there are prices to suit all budgets.

Private charters start at $2000 for a small boat that can take a maximum of 6 people.
When it comes to renting boats from Port Douglas the rule of thumb is generally the larger the boat, the bigger the charter rate. Hire can include activities such as fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving or simply sightseeing. Boat charters from Port Douglas can allow you to access the Great Barrier Reef or the Low Isles. There are also liveaboard charter boats and motherships. Port Douglas Reef Charters can assist you with your hire inquiry from Port Douglas.