Port Douglas Information

Some Port Douglas information for people considering visiting this beautiful part of the world.

Port Douglas is located about 70 klm north of Cairns. It is located in the tropical region of North Queensland being only 16 degrees south of the equator. Port Douglas is relatively close to the World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest as well as the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef.

Port Douglas Information- Climate

The Port Douglas climate is typically tropical. The weather in Port Douglas is comfortable all year round, with maximum temperatures usually around 31º C (88 F) in the summer and 26°C (79 F) in our “winter”.

Port Douglas is typical of many tropical climates – having only two seasons, ‘the green’ or ‘wet season” and ‘the dry’.

Port Douglas Information - Wet Season

Port Douglas wet season runs from November to April and most of the Port Douglas annual rainfall is recorded then. The tropical summer or wet season, means humid weather and replenishing rain. The wet season is not 4 months of rain. What tends to happen is that during the wet season Port Douglas tends to get rain in the evening and early mornings. Very occasionally does Port Douglas get days of solid non stop rain.

There is something really magical about wet season. The warm and large rain drops just pour out of the sky. Green tree frogs are everywhere, and everything is so lush and green. Many visitors to Port Douglas during the wet season are surprised by the fact that reef trips are still do able during wet season. Most of the rain in Port Douglas at that time of the year is coastal. There is a big mountain range near Port Douglas, and the clouds drop their rain as the mountains force them higher. The Great Barrier Reef is 30 miles off shore, so sometimes it can be beautiful and sunny out on the water once you get away from the coast.

Of course the combination of rain and warmth means that it is humid and tropical for visitors to Port Douglas at this time of year. Dress accordingly and make sure you pack lots of natural fiber clothing like cottons and linens. Anything with Spandex, Elastane or polyester will make your clothes feel like Glad Wrap!

Port Douglas Information - Dry Season

During the cooler, dry season or tropical “winter”, the days are balmy and the evenings pleasant (17-26ºC/63-79F). During the Port Douglas winter months, on very rare evenings,it can get quite cool by local’s standards. Port Douglas locals call chilly about 13ºC! The Port Douglas “winter” days are filled with warmth and blue skies which makes swimming at Four Mile Beach in the middle of July a great story to write home about!

Port Douglas Information

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