Port Douglas Food

Port Douglas Food

Port Douglas Food- Tropical Deliciousness

You maybe wondering what a section on Port Douglas food is doing on a reef charters and tour website…I will let you into a little secret. Prior to managing reef charter boats and hotel tour desks… I was once a chef.  Plus I LOVE Port Douglas food.

Also I guess when you visit the area,  a lot of you will be wanting to try different things. Especially if you are staying at accommodation that has cooking facilities. Or if you go for a fish and catch yourself some yummy Coral Trout. Maybe you will visit the Port Douglas Market and see some of the local fruits. You may not be familiar with the unusual fish and tropical fruits of Port Douglas. I think visitors to the area will have questions about Port Douglas food. Hopefully I will able able to answer some of them for you.

Port Douglas Food- Seafood

The seafood in Port Douglas is nothing short of sensational.  Red Claw Yabbies, Mud Scallops, Red Emperor, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Spanish Mackerel, Sweetlip are all local to the area. If you are from the southern states of Australia you will notice there isn’t a lot of flake around. If you go to get fish and chips in Port Douglas, odds are you will be eating some of our delicious Spanish Mackerel.

Port Douglas Food- Tropical Fruits

The produce in Port Douglas is amazing, such a huge variety of different foods to try. Asian herbs and fruits grow well here in the tropical climate. Coffee also grows close by. And cacao for making chocolate grows over the Daintree.Plus we also have our own vanilla pods grown locally.

Port Douglas Food- Markets

Port Douglas has a market held every Sunday. It opens early and runs till after lunchtime. Best to get there early in my opinion. You can try a variety of Port Douglas food at the market, as well there are souvenirs, arts and crafts, clothing, and nick knacks. A local orchid grower also attends every market with beautifully colored orchid flowers.  Local coffee can be purchased and if you are lucky you may even get an opportunity to try some fresh prawn sandwiches. As well there are a couple of green grocers with vegetables grown locally on the Atherton Tablelands. Try a fresh green coconut at the market. Very refreshing.  In short there are lots of example of Port Douglas food at the Sunday market.

Each week I will try to do a blog article on Port Douglas food, whether it be info on Port Douglas restaurants, or tropical fruit in season, and maybe even a recipe or two! Stay tuned.