Granite Gorge Rock Wallabies

Go for a day drive in your hire car to Mareeba and visit the Granite Gorge Nature Park. Hand feed the wild rock wallabies.

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Rock Wallabies at Granite Gorge

Located a scenic 1.5 hour drive from Port Douglas is the Granite Gorge Nature Park. There is a colony of wild rock wallabies there. You will need to pay a small admission fee to the park but this includes a bag of wallaby food. You can then walk into the gorge and hand feed the rock wallabies.

To go and feed the wallabies at Granite Gorge you need to drive north of Port Douglas towards Mossman and then turn left up the Mt Molloy Road. You will drive through the lowland rainforest and there are two lookouts where you can take photos of the coast. Once you get past Mt Molloy, the scenery changes quite dramatically. You will see red dirt and termite mounds on the way to Mareeba. The rock wallabies of Granite Gorge Nature Park are located on Chewko Road about 15 minutes drive out of Mareeba. This area is an oasis in the savannah.

There are great freshwater swimming opportunities there as well as the wallabies. You can see a huge range of birdlife as well as freshwater turtles. You can also go rock hopping and exploring.

The wallabies of Granite Gorge are an endangered species, and particular to this area alone. They are very small- about the size of a cat. Even though the rock wallabies are wild, they are tame enough to approach people and eat the macropod food from your hands.

The owner of the park is also a wildlife carer- so you are quite likely to see other animals at the Gorge in addition to the rock wallabies. Just ask at the office.

Hand feeding the rock wallabies is a very special wildlife experience and something that the whole family can enjoy. Granite Gorge is a great place to spend the day- take your swim suit and a picnic with you.


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