Half Day Sportfishing Charter


Half day Sportfishing tours – saltwater and no waves! Catch the live bait at the start of the tour, can also do lure or fly fishing. For the serious anglers. Species targeted included Barramundi, Mangrove Jack and other seasonal pelagic fish. Share charter rate is $400 for up to 3 persons

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Port Douglas Half Day Sportfishing Charter

Our half day sportfishing charter is  a fantastic option. Especially for people wanting to do some serious sportfishing. Conducted in the salt water estuary called Dickson’s Inlet, it offers exciting fishing for small groups. Taking no more than 3 anglers on a charter, quality fishing is the focus. Also, another great thing about our half day charter is that there are no waves. Protected by the mangroves, it doesn’t matter how windy it is out on the reef. Obviously Seasickness is not an issue on our half day sportfishing charter. No wind, no waves!

Half Day Sportfishing Charter – Coastal Sportfishing as well

The half day sportfishing tour is available in the morning, afternoon or the evening. If you have children then the morning or afternoon sessions are great. Normally there tends to be a huge variety of fish species caught. Children enjoy the variety of different fish. Also, there are also many opportunities for wildlife spotting during the day sessions. Seen often are Brahminy Kites, Sea Eagles, even Salt Water Crocodiles. Half day fishing on the estuary is a fun and exciting activity.

Half Day Sportfishing Charter – Great for Serious Anglers

The night fishing sessions are for serious fishermen. Big predatory fish come out at night to hunt. Massive Barramundi and even sharks can be caught at night time. I went out on this half day sportfishing charter recently and hooked a Barramundi well over a metre in size as well as a 9 foot tawny shark.

Using custom built rods and live bait, your fishing guide will catch the live bait at the start of your fishing session. Naturally, Pelagic fish feed on live bait thats why it’s the best bait to use.

Catch and release is the policy for this tour. Therefore if you wish to keep your catch we suggest a reef fishing tour instead. Reef fishing tours allow you to keep your catch.



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