Agincourt Reef Snorkeling


5.00 out of 5

Fast stable comfortable scuba diving and snorkel boat visiting three sites on Agincourt ribbon reefs daily.

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Agincourt Reef Snorkeling

A nice fast Agincourt Reef Snorkeling catamaran. Custom built with an 8 metre duckboard. Thus, easy access into the water for everyone. Departs Port Douglas daily. Visits three amazing outer reef snorkelling sites on the Agincourt ribbon reef system.

Firstly, snorkel or dive three different locations on the tour. As to be expected snorkeling and diving the Great Barrier Reef is amazing. Explore and snorkel the shallow coral gardens. Of course, the experience is enhanced by knowledgeable and professional crew.

Agincourt Reef Snorkeling – Offers Scuba Too

This high speed and stable catamaran will get you out to the Agincourt Reef for your snorkelling tour. FAST.

Of course, this allows you the opportunity to snorkel or even try an introductory dive. Because it is a big boat yet only takes a maximum of 85 passengers, this family  owned and operated tour is a great option. Especially for people wanting a big comfortable boat.

Available for individual introductory divers and snorkellers or even family groups. Uniquely suitable for conference groups wanting a private charter for their delegates to the Great Barrier Reef.

Agincourt Reef Snorkeling -Perfect for Conference Groups

Perfect for conference or incentive groups this catamaran has all the facilities for a comfortable and enjoyable day out. The crew of this Agincourt Reef Snorkeling tour will attend to your every need.  Naturally, providing exceptional service to your guests. Agincourt Reef is at the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef. Of course, it is here that there are special reefs known as ‘ribbons’. They run parallel to the Continental Shelf.

Next to the Coral Sea trench, the Agincourt Ribbon reefs are pristine eco-systems of the Great Barrier Reef. Naturally, the clear water from the Coral Sea provides the best underwater visibility. As expected, this encourages coral growth as well as supports abundant marine life. Perfect for introductory scuba diving.

After a half day reef cruise instead? Port Douglas Reef Charters can help.

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1 review for Agincourt Reef Snorkeling

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Very well organised and smooth day. Great snorkelling, top knotch equipment and lovely staff. Carolynne was a wonderful help as I have specific dietary requirements and was quite nervous about the whole thing but she was really helpful and made the booking process a breeze. 10/10

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