Whales in Port Douglas


Whales in winter You know it is winter in Port Douglas when the whales arrive. Of course our “winter” is very mild with daytime temperatures rarely getting below 23 degrees Celsius. The two major groups of whales that visit Port Douglas are Humpback Whales and Dwarf Minke whales. Dwarf Minkes arrive in Port Douglas usually in […]

Cape York Barramundi Fishing

Cape York Barramundi fishing

Cape York Barramundi Fishing Season- The “Dry” It is the end of May and that means that we are out of the Wet Season and enjoying the cooler nights of our balmy tropical Winter. Typically we now experience barely any rain, and this means that our very popular Barramundi Fishing Safaris are able to get […]

Port Douglas Carnivale

Port Douglas Carnivale

Port Douglas Carnivale- Party Time! Every May for the last twenty years Port Douglas celebrates all things tropical with a huge festival called Carnivale. Carnivale is held over a two week period with many exciting events on offer. Port Douglas Carnivale is nirvana for those who enjoy gourmet foods, wines and local produce. Originally Carnivale […]

Yabusame Port Douglas

Yabusame archer

Yabusame on Four Mile Beach Port Douglas Its is coming up to that time of year again where I get really excited. Port Douglas Carnivale happens every year and 2015 marks the 21st anniversary of Carnivale . Carnivale is a festival celebrating our tropical paradise over an action packed ten days from 22nd-31st May. Perhaps the most exciting […]

The Ultimate Vanilla

Bundle of vanilla bean pods

Vanilla grown in Port Douglas Vanilla is a great local product. Port Douglas may be famous for the Great Barrier Reef but it is also home to the best vanilla grown in the world. The ultimate vanilla comes from Port Douglas and is grown by Vanilla Australia  (VA) and comes from the pod of an orchid. […]